Pegasus Brewing Decibel Festival Truss Quarterly

Pegasus Brewing



Peter Wogstad

Our passion for craft beer and graphic design collided in this year-long branding project. Inspired by Greek mythology, Pegasus is a fictional Seattle brewery where ideas are shared, connections are made, and good times are had. Cheers!

Decibel Festival



McKenna Nicole Green

This project is a collaboration for Decibel, a Seattle-based music festival. Decibel is unique and all-encompassing, showcasing artists and musicians while providing them with a platform for experimentation and exposure to a versatile audience.

Truss Quarterly

Print Design

Truss is an architecture and design publication focused on creating livable spaces for the urban dweller. This magazine aims to show readers that good design makes homes better and lives easier by showcasing unique spaces from all over the world.