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Sphere Magazine

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Sphere is a biannual magazine that brings the most up-to-date astronomy, physics, and popular science articles to the masses. Sphere is a place for people who are naturally curious, love science, and seek knowledge and inspiration.

Solstice Mobile STEM Game

Game Design


Dustin McMahon Justin Slagle

Solstice is a quest-based STEM game. Designed for kids ages 10-14, it puts players in the role of a young heroine who must rediscover an ancient technology to protect her village from an advanced, outside force.

Ark Lodge Cinemas



Danny Hoy

Ark Lodge Cinemas opened its doors in December 2012 in Seattleā€™s Columbia City neighborhood. It is owned and operated by the McRae family, who purchased the space and renovated it from its previous owner and incarnation, Columbia City Cinema.