Solstice Mobile STEM Game Saul Bass Augmented Reality Exhibit Full Tilt Branding

Solstice Mobile STEM Game

Game Design


Justin Slagle Doh Tran

Solstice is a quest-based STEM game, designed for girls ages 10-14, that puts players in the role of a young heroine who must rediscover an ancient technology to protect her village from an advanced, outside force.

Saul Bass Augmented Reality Exhibit

Environmental Design


Justin Slagle

We created an exhibition that utilized AR in a necessary and dynamic way. Sight maps, elevations, exhibition design, and super graphics result in an exhibit that features the work and influence of Saul Bass.

Full Tilt Branding


I designed a new brand identity and revamp for established Seattle company Full Tilt to explore new markets. This included a new logo, brand guide, touch points, and packaging.